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The Purebase Advantage

Manage Heat Stress

Shade Advantage

Manage the negative effects of crop stress due to intense heat and sun damage. Shade Advantage reflects and diffuses ultraviolet light to dissipate heat and reduce plant stress. Reduced sunburn damage may improve both crop yields and overall quality.

Nourish and Remineralize

Humate INU and SulFe Hume Si

Modern agricultural demands require farmers to improve the utilization of their valuable inputs. Increased nutrient uptake and improved water utilization are critical to maximizing yields and profitability. Mineral availability through chelation, microbial activity and pH management are essential components.

Certified Organic and Conventional Agriculture

Harmony Between Buyers and Producers

Purebase products are 100% organic and produced using modern environmentally responsible processes. This brings needed harmony to the relationship with consumers who want the highest quality products and the farmer’s increasing need for economically viable production.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Purebase harvests and produces a range of nutrients, protectants and soil and plant enhancers, allowing farmers to product safe and nutritious foods. We have developed a strict reduce, reuse and reclaim mantra for each of our manufacturing sites and facilities. We are deliberate in the management of our water systems, control our power usage, and strictly preserve and restore habitats in and around our production facilities. We take the stewardship of our extensive lands very seriously. We work responsibly and operate in harmony with nature and make sustainable production methods with minimal environmental impact our top priority.

Global Initiative

"The world population continues to grow at an exponential rate and it is our mission to assist responsible agricultural producers to grow healthy, nutrient rich foods to feed that world."

-Scott Dockter | CEO