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Purebase is about providing natural and efficacious products to productively farm in harmony with nature’s own intentions.

We are at a unique moment in history – the global challenge of feeding the world is becoming more difficult with each passing year. Climate change and an increasing population base are exacerbating the problem. Chemical pesticides and GMO crops are some of the current solutions, but these solutions have caused a now trending backlash from the global public, governments, and NGOs. Natural, effective, economical, non-chemical solutions are required.

Create Abundance

Our goal is to help farmers create a sustainable abundance of food while conserving resources. Purebase’s suite of products are efficacious as well as natural and organic in design.

Purpose Driven

We aim to increase yield, improve produce quality and be judicious stewards of the environment. This expressed purpose drives the employees of the company every day.


We view the idea of connection as a principal tenant of our business. Our success is driven by the connections that we share with all of our stakeholders. Farmers, neighbors, consumers and humankind as a whole.

About Us

Purebase is a natural mineral resource company that produces agricultural applications and soil amendments. We provide new and improved, environmentally sound solutions to a wide range of industries, including our cornerstone market of agriculture. Headquartered in Ione, California and listed on the OTCQB under the symbol PUBC, our management has extensive, and successful experience in the agriculture and mining industry, and a unique vision of where it needs to go.

We’re focused on the acquisition, development, mining, developing, and marketing of natural mineral properties in California, Nevada, and the United States, as our top priority.

Our key mineral productions include silica sand, kaolin, bentonite, leonardite, potassium silicate sulfate, pozzolan, and limestone. These minerals are used in beneficial agriculture soil remineralization, agricultural soil inputs, and animal feed supplements.

Purebase intends to expand its mineral holdings for the purpose of developing product essential for high growth economic development, with minimal environmental impact. Purebase’s primary market remains the United States, but has incorporated an international strategy to solidify its market base and economic growth targets.

Executive Leadership

CEO   Scott Dockter

Scott Dockter

Mr. Dockter has had comprehensive involvement in all aspects of the mining business, including exploration, permitting, mine development, financing, operations, asset acquisitions, and marketing and sales. His experience covers a wide range of commodities including industrial minerals, gold, silver, copper, and other precious metals. In addition, he has personally owned mines, operated mines, constructed mine infrastructures (physical, production and process) and produced precious metals.