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Naturally improving agricultural production and soil fertility

Purebase natural minerals contribute to a sustainable farming path that is in balance with both conventional and organic technologies. Purebase products enhance economic competitiveness and contribute to a healthier more robust growing environment.

The global challenge to feed the world is becoming more difficult and complex with each passing year. We’ll support farmers in maximizing their production, which will be required for our expanding humanity. We will do so in a natural and sustainable manner, rejuvenating and enriching farmlands, now, and more importantly into the future.


PUREBASE HUMATE INU ADVANTAGE (Increase Nutrient Uptake) is derived from a proprietary deposit of freshwater leonardite located in Ione, CA. The unique material contains a broad cross section of plant available macro and micro nutrients. Humate INU simultaneously improves soil quality as well as buffers high pH conditions. Products containing humic acids, such as Humate INU, may increase uptake of micro nutrients.


Purebase SHADE ADVANTAGE(WP) natural mineral plant protectant reduces sunburn damage to plant tissue (including fruits and nuts) exposed to UV radiation. The protection is achieved through the reflection and diffusion of ultraviolet light, and dissipation of heat, which reduces the stress on most plants. Purebase SHADE ADVANTAGE (WP) is made up of natural and organic Kaolin, which is extracted, processed, milled, heat treated and packaged for applying to organic and non-organic agricultural crops.


Purebase SulFe Hume Si™ ADVANTAGE

Purebase SulFe Hume Si ADVANTAGE Is derived from a proprietary deposit of Leonardite, combined with a unique, nutrient rich ancient volcanic formation. The mixture contains a bounty of diverse macro and micro nutrients and humic acids for increased mineral uptake in crops. The advantages of silicon (Si) are no longer a secret as it is now being touted for its many benefits to plant vitality. These include early flowering, greater root mass, increased stem diameter and improved drought tolerance. Purebase SulFe Hume Si ADVANTAGE is a unique and high value amendment that can both buffer high pH conditions as well as improve water holding capacity and reduce compaction. Products containing humic acids, such as Purebase SulFe Hume Si ADVANTAGE may increase the uptake of micronutrients.


Purebase Receives Funding from Existing Shareholder Group

Purebase Receives Funding from Existing Shareholder Group

IONE, CA, Sept. 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Purebase Corporation (OTCQB: PUBC), a natural mineral resource company, headquartered in Ione, California, is pleased to announce that it has received a financing commitment of up to $1M from one of its largest...

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