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Reduces sunburn damage to improve yield and quality


Purebase SHADE ADVANTAGE (WP) natural mineral plant protectant reduces sunburn damage to plant tissue (including fruits and nuts) exposed to UV radiation. The protection is achieved through the reflection and diffusion of ultraviolet light and dissipation of heat, which reduces the stress on most plants. Purebase SHADE ADVANTAGE(WP) is made up of the natural and organic mineral Kaolin, which is extracted, processed, milled, heat treated and packaged for applying to Organic and Non-Organic agricultural crops


Purebase SHADE ADVANTAGE(WP) adheres to vascular tissue, fruit, and wood electrostatically without the need for surfactants (stickers). It coats crops, which helps to protect them from sunburn and heat stress. The particle barrier is specially designed to allow usable light through while blocking harmful infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light. It When sprayed on dormant trees, Purebase SHADE ADVANTAGE(WP) has the potential of increasing the chill hours.

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